Smart Home Technology Can Positively Impact a House’s Value

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Smart Home Technology Can Positively Impact a House's Value

More than 80 percent of today's homebuyers prefer to purchase a home geared with smart technology. There's a good reason to consider making this investment if you’re looking to sell or look for a property that comes with it, if you're going to buy. Here's what smart tech brings to your home, as well as which devices are most popular and offer the best ROI.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

People are especially interested in smart technology that makes a home safer. A smart home security system can offer buyers peace of mind while increasing the asking price for sellers. A green and energy-efficient house is also high on the priority list for homebuyers. This can include smart home thermostats, smart security systems, smart appliances, and more — all with smart features that help homeowners save money in the future.

Smart Home Features to Consider

Smart home improvements do not need to be pricey and complex, but they do need to add value. Most home automation devices are both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few popular device choices that also bring the most benefit to homeowners.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are one of the first things a homeowner will need. Installation is easy, and you can just slip it over the deadbolt you already have in place.

Smart Home Security

Most buyers will have some of their own security devices already. However, those who do not should make it a priority to purchase a home that has a system in place. When it comes to smart home security, it's best to keep it simple and think laterally: You can choose the solutions that best meet your needs and complete the home, be it a video doorbell, an alarm system, or other devices. With so many brands, types, and models to choose from, take the time to comparison-shop.

The ROI for smart solutions is understandably a debated topic. However, ​a smart home security system makes the top of the list. It also offers you peace of mind and assures you that you and your family are safe both inside and outside the house.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is commutable with home automation, and it's almost expected that a property will have at least a simple form of automated lighting. Thus, if you're selling your house, consider this feature as a must to increase property value. For homeowners, smart lighting technology is convenient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.

Smart Appliances

A well-chosen smart appliance or two can make a difference in your home value and appeal to buyers. According to a study, more than 18 percent of respondents rated appliances as the best for ROI. Although smart appliances are not essential, they come into their own if you're trying to add value and attract a different market segment.

Smart Thermostats

When it comes to saving on your cooling bill, a smart thermostat is the best solution. Unlike a regular device, a smart thermostat can be set and controlled remotely from your phone. Moreover, there are systems that learn your preferences and whether you're home or not, automatically adjusting or shutting off the temperature.

Get Smart

Today's houses sell better if they are equipped with smart technology. Choose from the countless systems available on the market, and make sure to go for smart home devices that give you the most bang for your buck by offering unprecedented comfort and safety, as well as ROI.

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