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Home Theaters and the quality family time they generate can add much appreciated personal value to any home. Many families dream of having one. Thankfully, technology is getting to the point where you don’t need to dedicate a huge part of your home in order to have a decent movie experience. Guest Author Karl Kennedy explains some basic hints, and offers a few suggestions to create a nice cinematic experience for you at your home.

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How to Build a Home Theater (Without Any Construction)

Any homeowner will tell you they have plenty of home improvement projects on their plate without adding a home theater to the mix. The good news is, you don’t need to alter your home to enjoy big screen entertainment.

So how do you set up a home theater if your home doesn’t have a lot of space to spare? There are a few different ways you can go about it. Here are 3 tips for getting a cinema experience—without taking on any new construction costs.

Tip 1: Get a short-throw projector.

A projector’s throw distance is a measure of how much horizontal distance you need to get a given screen size. Standard throw projectors require around 8-10 feet to get a nice, big image, and are hard to set up effectively in a smaller room.

You can get around this space requirement by looking for a short-throw 4k projector. Find 4k projector buyers guide. In some cases, these models can be placed mere inches from the screen, giving you the same high picture quality without needing as much space. This gives you the option of turning any room into a home theater.

Tip 2: Convert your living room or den.

Even small homes typically have at least one area with space enough for a standard throw projector. With a few small modifications, the typical living room, family room, or den can easily accommodate a home theater set-up.

The first thing you’ll need to figure out is how to control the light levels in the room. Black-out shades or curtains are effective at preventing sunlight from impacting the projector image. You may also want to consider purchasing smart bulbs with a dimmer option. Many of these can be used in standard outlets, and while they’re more expensive than a normal light bulb (about thirty bucks each) they’re still pretty affordable for most.

Once you’ve controlled the light levels in the room, all you really need to make it a home theater is the screen and projector. For an unobtrusive set-up, consider getting a retractable screen or taking advantage of projector paint, which lets you turn any wall into an ideal surface for watching projected movies.

Option 3: Use your backyard.

One great thing about a projector compared to a television is that they’re far more portable, often weighing ten pounds or less. Because of this, you can easily move them from one room to the next—or even outside.

If you have a small home but a decent-sized backyard, you can take your summer entertainment to the next level with an outdoor cinema experience. Many projectors can produce images up to 300” on the diagonal. If your home has flat exterior walls, you can even project the image directly on the side of your house. An inflatable, weather-proof screen is another option for outdoor movie watching.

The obvious disadvantage of this approach is that it’s contingent on the weather. You won’t want to take your projector out when it’s raining—and you likely won’t want to sit outside that long during the cold days of the winter. The good news is, projector image sizes are easily adjustable. Use it for a smaller screen indoors and take it outside when it’s nice out to for the full big-screen experience.

What’s the bottom line?

A home theater doesn’t have to be an involved, expensive project. With the right projector and screen, any room can become your new in-home entertainment hub. Considering the cost of going to the movies, even a high-end projector can pay for itself faster than you think, especially when you consider they often have 3D support. We hope the tips above have inspired you to set up a home theater of your own!

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